Between Space & Time

The Art of Greta Olivas and Leslie Kell

July 27 through August 30, 2014



Born to ballet dancer parents, Greta Olivas was born in New York City and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a child, before moving to Austin, Texas.  She was constantly drawing as a very young child and was encouraged by numerous artistic family members. Her work is about intuition and exploration.  It’s about a relationship with the materials and paint. It’s about control and giving up control. 


Leslie Kell has been an artist and graphic designer in Austin, Texas since the 1980s. She began her artistic journey as a painter and illustrator but has been working in her current digital style since 2009. She feels a commitment to the medium and is inspired by the spreading acceptance and understanding of digital art. Her works are grouped into collections based on a favorite artist or song, then each piece is named from a lyrical phrase relating to the collection theme


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, August 8 6-8

BOOK SIGNING: Sunday, August 10, 2:30p with Elizabeth Crook

JAZZ @Linkpinart, Thursday, August 27, 7:30- 9:30p