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Heroines + Warriors + Goddesses

Courage in the Feminine

Sept 1-30, 2018

Reception Sept 8, 2018 7:00 PM-9:00PM

Sept 30, 2018 Afternoon with the Artists 1:30 PM-3:30 PM

Austin Texas—   Link & Pin Gallery presents three Austin Painters, expressing their individual impressions of the ordinary to the extraordinary historically courageous womanhood.    Though difficult to choose a single example, there is a remarkable history of women rising above their circumstances to excel beyond even their own expectations. These artists bring their own unique interpretations of courage in the feminine.


Participating Artists

Neena Buxani + Helen Buck + Rhea Pettit

Helen Buck had this to say in advance of the opening, “Each of us developed our own concepts to define how otherwise ordinary women excelled to accomplish the extraordinary.”


Rhea Pettit is a contemporary realist painter who paints what she loves: people and other animals. “Getting to know these trailblazing women by painting them makes me very proud to be female!” said Rhea.


 "Creating work for this show allowed my inner Goddess to shine", commented Neena Buxani, Contemporary Artist. "Being surrounded by paintings filled with influential women, definitely leaves you fully inspired to make a change."