About “The Little Things”:                      

Since childhood, I’ve had the tendency to collect bits and pieces of my environment. When out on walks or traveling around new places, I’m constantly noticing and gathering the smallest of nature’s art and design: my pockets fill with various pebbles, rocks and stones, shells, crystals, feathers, twisted dried vines, bones, bugs, and more. These collectible curiosities soothe my soul and indirectly fuel my imagination. Additionally, most of my past work has been large-scale, and this exhibit seeks to showcase my relatively recent venture into creating smaller pieces of art. It is a personal invitation to slow down, simplify and seek pleasure from the little things in life.

Kiah Denson was born and raised in Austin, TX. She graduated from Colorado College in 2005, earning a BA in Studio Art with a Distinction in Art. Upon graduating, she started a mural and decorative painting business. In 2009 she began creating fine art again, and has been steadily expanding and exploring her practice ever since. She works with a number of designers, art consultants, galleries and individual collectors across the country, and her art has been featured in several online and print publications. 

 Kiah lives in the outskirts of Austin, TX surrounded by green fields, trees and streams. She works primarily in her sunny home studio, and also maintains a space at Canopy where she displays her work. When she isn't creating art, she can likely be found wandering in the woods near a body water with her furry four-legged sidekick, Kali.