Dimensions of Color

The Art of Maria Lyle and Denise Garner

February 17 through March 19

Artist Reception:  February 23, 2017, 6-9

Lyle’s abstract paintings have been created and developed over a summer of painting in her garden.  The hummingbirds, flowers, and cool breezes are all part of her inspiration. Her love for animals is also included in her art works.  She expresses her emotions, using color, when she is painting. She layers large swirls of paint in vibrant hues, texture and movement covering her canvas.  Color is the sensual element in her paintings. In this exhibition, her goal is to create a compelling work of art that will awaken a desire, a fantasy, or a hunger for color. 

Garner’s chosen medium is polymer clay, a colorful and durable non-ceramic modeling compound. Her sculptures are intimate and domestic, even though she visualizes them as monumental and public when she’s in the studio. Her statues are meant to be seen in a personal environment, to be touched and hand held. She wants her art to generate an uplifting experience of recognition and emotional connection with the extraordinary beauty and mystery in our daily lives.