Merry Printmas 2016

December 2 through December 24.

We are once again showcasing a variety of shoppable print pieces, from woodblock prints to ink illustrations, with plenty in between. Enjoy work from six different artists, each with their own unique style. It’s the perfect opportunity to add some art to your holiday shopping.

Link & Pin will be closed for the holidays from December 25 through January 1. 

LAURI JOHNSTON has been a graphic designer and illustrator for over ten years and has a passion for lettering.  Greeting cards and prints have become an exciting creative outlet for her lettering exploration.

MIKE FLYNN is a mostly retired architect, born and raised in California who moved to Austin in 2013. Mike started making woodblock prints about five years ago, and he likes that block printing is very low tech - almost no tech - using wood blocks, hand tools, ink, and paper in a process that is basically unchanged for over 500 years.

ROB STORY is technically an art director, but really hates to stop there.  His real love is typography and design.  Be aware that some of Rob's work is a bit racy. It's his way of creating factual, honest and sobering pieces of communication.

ROBERT LIN is a designer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas.  He works with pencil, pen, pixels, and occasionally, all three.

BRETT STILES is a designer, art director, artist and strategist based in Austin, Texas. He works with clients all over the world to creatively solve business problems. Brett creates and designs everything from logos, posters, brochures, books, annual reports to identity systems, product packaging, websites and CD covers. He's inspired by his son, skateboarding, music, graffiti, table tennis, industrial design and travel.

LOGAN GANSHIRT is an Austin, born, and bred illustrator, character designer and concept artist.  He brings shapes to life. For commissions and work inquiries shoot him an email at



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