a sudden, intense display, as of activity, energy, or effort

to suddenly begin doing something as an expression of a strong feeling

My art-making process is a transfer and release of invisible, internal energy onto a visible, external surface. As a result, painting and drawing become meditative and therapeutic. By creating movement in my art, I cultivate stillness within. I believe that both chaos and order, and spontaneity and intention, can coexist simultaneously, and I seek that balance through the work I create. I feel a sense of satisfaction and strength when I can translate raw emotion into something tangible and organized. My art often reflects a certain urgency and slight impatience, yet I am also thoughtful and aware of each stroke. Sometimes I can feel restless in the day-to-day, but my process brings me back to the moment.

Kiah Denson was born and raised in Austin, TX. She graduated from Colorado College in 2005, earning a BA in Studio Art with a Distinction in Art. Upon graduation, Kiah started her own mural and decorative painting business. After a few years, she began shifting back into fine art. She continues to paint murals and collaborate with clients and designers, in addition to her thriving studio practice. Kiah is currently represented by JWV Artists in Charlotte, NC, Alexander & Victor Fine Art in Greenwood, MS, and Segreto in Houston, TX.  

Kiah lives on the outskirts of Austin, TX with her dog, two cats and a handful of hens. She works primarily in her sunny home studio, and also maintains a studio space at Canopy where she displays her work.  (Viewings available by appointment)

This show is on display through November 1, 2015.