East Austin Studio Tour 2016 Invitational

November 4 - November 20, 2016

Regular gallery hours extended on November 12, 13, 19 & 20 to 6 pm.

Features fine art works in mixed media, collage, photography, copper sculpture, ceramics, hand-woven baskets, acrylics, oils, pastels…

  • Clara Newby reclaims and re-purposes paper and water colors. (Found objects and water color)
  • Connie Miller uses elements of water, land, air and light to both ground the viewer and offer a transcendent experience. (Impasto oil pain on canvas paper and board)
  • Jill Robinson is inspired by texture, colre and design whether contemporary or traditional. (Reed, hardwoods, gourds, pine needles, antlers)
  • Kathi Herrin hand builds ceramic sculptures using the slab technique. (Ceramics)
  • Leslie Kell works with architectural forms to create virtual environments. (Digital photo collage, mixed media)
  • Lyle Adair  transforms his world into a copper playground with a hammer, chisel, and torch. (Copper)
  • Marcy Villafana derives her style through her technique of cutting paper. (Acrylic paint, alcohol inks, charcoal, conte)
  • Maria Lyle's ultimate goal is to create a compelling work of art that will awaken a desire, a fantasy, or a hunger for color. (Pastels, acrylics)
  • Melanie Hickerson are well constructed objects of hear, intellect and skill. (Acrylic, gouache, charcoal, pastels)
  • Neena Buxani attempts to create a notion of strength through the use of daring color and inviting texture. (Acrylic pain, gouache)
  • Pete Holland provides an assortment of images taken in bizarre places with an accent on carnivals, festivals, and dinosaurs. (Kodak photographic paper)
  • Sharon Bibbee  is an artist that paints in both Representational and Non-Representational and  uses  bright colors her art. (Acrylic)