The Winter Modern

January 6 through January 22

The Winter Modern, produced by Lindsey Doleshal of En Route Productions, exhibits works by Austin visual artists Sarah Presson, Nick Schnitzer, and Stephen Pruitt through January 22, and offers four intimate performances of "Dead Man's Cell Phone," by Sarah Ruhl. 

There will be an artist talk (with visual artists and performance artists) and an opening reception on January 8 from 5-7 p.m. before the show. 

Tickets for the performances are available at Brown Paper Tickets.  The reception is free of charge.

The gallery will be closed for the Manhattan Matinee performances on January 15 and 22.

SARAH PRESSON's love of graphic design and the layering capabilities of contemporary design software are evident in her work, as complex layerings of hard-edge, cut paper collage intertwine with expansive washes of ink and watercolor. By combining icons of different times and places, her technique generates compelling images on multiple levels.  

NICK SCHNiZTER's current work concerns the common elements found within esoteric traditions.  Crafted primarily with steel, wood, and glass, these works seek to induce a contemplative look at our inner attitudes and states, while showcasing the materiality of the physical components comprising the work.  He seeks out industrial materials, ancient architectural remnants, and natural elements to create provocative portraits of the human experience. Through interactive games, and sharp, shiny meditative objects, he calls to the child in each of us that wants to climb, throw things, and set things on fire. The ultimate goal is to catch the viewer off guard, via the appropriation of anachronistic elements and odd pairings, he aims to reach past the trappings of culture and find a deep place where the fire of life burns bright.

STEPHEN PRUiTT is a production designer, lighting designer and photographer based out of Austin, TX since 1997. In addition to photography and the performing arts, his interests are travel, wilderness, kayaking and rafting, and using art to make the world a better place. He's been shooting for over thirty years, starting out with film, and venturing into digital in 2006. It was photography that guided him to a career in lighting and design, and design that eventually renewed his passion for photography.

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