Vivid: Color in Nature

The Art of Janet Brooks and Maria Lyle

September 4 through September 27, 2014

Janet Brooks grew up in the tropical Gulf Coast of Texas, surrounded by a rich diversity of nature, and loving every moment outdoors, day or night. This was the genesis of her affinity for color, integral in much of her art, whether abstract or realistic in style. Much of her work today explores the realm of nature. Her watercolors are both objective and a symbolic. She draws  from observation, and I often allow for invention. The close study of these subjects reveals a realm both delicate and dramatic, intricate and intense. She intends to share a sense of heightened awareness and feeling of interconnection with the natural world.

Maria Lyle's passion is creating “mi vida en colores,” a world where things that would normally go unnoticed become vibrant and luscious for the audience to enjoy. The subject of her artwork includes day-to-day personal imagery including flowers, plants, and other references to nature. Her impasto technique involves using a knife to apply thick, multiple layers of pigment, very much like a sculptor, to achieve varying textures and rich swirls of color. Her focus is not necessarily in achieving the realism of what a sunflower or a poppy “looks like” but more in the expression of colors in nature.

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, September 6, 6-8p

JAZZ @Linkpinart, Thursday, September 18, 7:30- 9:30p

with the Wayne Salzman Trio


and by appointment